Ebook Cover Design for Self-Publishers: Create an Attractive Look Using Color, Typography, Pictures and Cover Design Concepts (Do It Yourself Guide 1)

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Non-designers, it's time to give a facelift to your cover design

Designing is still like a nightmare for you? Are you searching for ways to kick-start your project? Do you want to know the typefaces you should use to get a professional look? Do you want to understand the basic layout concepts? Do you want to find out how to generate a suitable color palette? If you answered yes to all of these questions, this is the right book for you.

Make sure your cover design stands out in the Kindle store and any other digital book store

Did you know that over 3,000 new eBooks are being uploaded for sale on Amazon every day? Unless you’re a known author, the book cover remains your only weapon to combat the sea of other books coming to the market every month. As a beginner, you need to know how to use typography and the principles of design. After reading this book, you will have the knowledge to create your own Book covers and to review the projects presented to you if you choose the service of professionals.

Learn the basics of designing book covers

I wrote this book because I find it frustrating to see so many authors who care little about the quality of their book covers. Why work for such a long time on the text and ascribe no importance at all to the art of cover design? This nonchalance could lead to an unsuccessful project. Ebook Cover Design for Self-Publishers follows five main directions:

Typography. Using the right fonts at the right place. Understand how to make different typeface combinations that will shape the message to reach the readers.

Color. The impact of colors on the readers’ emotions and creation of color palettes that fit into your book cover.

Illustrations and images. The advantages and disadvantages of image banks. Understand how to crop images to be included in your project.

Page layout theoretical principles. Discover useful concepts for creating an efficient arrangement of the cover elements.

Book layout templates. How to use templates to create or to modify a book cover project.

This book is not only intended for those who want to make their own eBook cover, but also for those who want to use the service of professionals. By using some templates, you’ll be able to analyze the works of your selected designers.

Five techniques for combining fonts

Did you know that certain typefaces are more suitable for certain book genres than others? Learn how to use the appropriate fonts for each book genre. Learn how to combine typefaces in titles, subtitles, and in the author’s name. This book contains more than 120 images, and over 40 font combinations. Discover the cover secrets and the concepts used by professional designers.


This book contains a lot of self-publishing tips and ten templates are available for free download at the end of this book. These templates will help you position the titles, subtitles, and other elements that form your cover design. The size of the templates included meets the requirements of all the digital book sellers. Do you have photos that need to be reframed before being inserted into your book cover? Templates will help you do that job. Certain templates remain very efficient for reframing images in a natural manner. These files contain several layers; use only the ones you want!

Are you ready to learn more about cover design?

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Ebook Cover Design for Self-Publishers: Create an Attractive Look Using Color, Typography, Pictures and Cover Design Concepts (Do It Yourself Guide 1)